R.H. Austin Publishing | 2019

Té V. Smith approaches every word, every sentence with a fervor and intention. It is no suprise that this book is an undeniably lush and staggering collection. - Jason Reynolds author of Long Way Down

A stunning eloquent collection. - Yrsa Daley-Ward author of BONE


I'm so glad I ordered this book from this talented brother. Te' V Smith is a writer who will definitely make it into future history books. Amazing beyond words. "Here We Are, Reflections Of A God Gone Mad", is one of the purist pieces of literature I've read to date... Simply Amazing... I recommend this book without reserve.... Support this young man, because he's worth it...​ - Ervin J. Williams author of Stella

As the days pass diversity is a recurring thyme we must all become familiar with. I've come to find that existence is struggle and resistance is simple futile. On this journey its inevitable that we begun to question how substantial our insistence is or isn't for that matter. The work in question tackles that very subject. The piece titles " HERE WE ARE REFLECTIONS OF A GOD GONE MAD" Is a collection on poems witch delve deeply to examine the human albatross. The meaning of this text is purely subjective. I would describe it as a compilation of pros addressing human emotion and our relation to the unknown despite petty differences we weather similar circumstance. Day to day living can often take a toll on ones sanity , the writer addresses this venerability in a eloquent fashion. City's two stories ultimately converge in the mysterious work shed behind his grandmother's, where he discovers the key to Baize's disappearance. - Nora Goldberg-Allen author of Remove